Studio PDP is an architecture practice with offices in London, Hong Kong and Madrid. The brief was to produce a manifesto animation that would cover the company's values and work ethics. When I got on board there already was a script and even a storyboard in place but I was given tons of freedom to bring my own ideas to the table too.
I initially tried my take on the storyboard with some small changes to see if I am on the right track. I got a good response on the new ideas I had put forward and that encouraged me to rethink the entire piece.  My style is usually quite flat - two dimensional - but since this is an animation for an architecture practice I wanted to stretch my abilities and make it as tridimensional as I possibly could cause in my mind architecture is all about space and volume.
Once we got to the production phase I knew I needed help with the character animations so Dom Elsey - who I worked with on the project for BBC Education before - jumped on board. The blocking was all in place, so were the designs, the characters were all rigged but he did all the work of bringing them to life while I was able to carry on setting up new shots and moving the project forward.
Once we had the picture locked and pretty much my job was done, I got Tom Drew attached to the project and he absolutely nailed the music and was also able to do some subtle sound design and tied the whole thing together.
Andrei Staruiala - design, animation and character rigging
Dom Elsey - character animations
Samantha Boffin - voice over
Tom Drew - music and sound design
Final Animation

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