Travelnest is a platform designed to assist hosts and vacation rental businesses in running their property listings across various travel and booking sites. It helps users create, distribute, optimize, and manage their listings on platforms such as Airbnb, and Expedia.
Travelnest provides several features to streamline the hosting experience, including synced calendar to prevent double bookings, centralized inbox for chatting with guests and automated price adjustments based on what's happening in the local market.
I was commissioned to produce an ident plus storyboard, design and animate three 30-ish seconds ads and three 15 seconds cutdowns on the following themes: Travelnest is easy, Travelnest gets you bookings and Travelnest keeps you ahead of the competition.
Andrei Staruiala - design and animation
Derek Howie - script
Kelly MacBride - voice over
Ana Roman - music, sound design and mix

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