History: The Intersting Bits is an 8 episodes documentary series on National Geographic featuring at least 10 minutes of animation per episode. Spread over several months of production across a substantial team of producers, designers, animators and compositors, the show is browsing through history focusing on the most interesting or quirky facts. Most of the times a history show is dwelling on accuracy of archive material but this show has put a spin on it and is built based on imaginanitive collage illustrations brought to life through animation. The montage above features snippets of most of the scenes I've animated, designed by several artists who worked on the show.
Production Company: Impossible Factual
Animation Studio: Hocus Pocus
Client: National Geographic
Rob Wilkes - animation director
James Murphy - creative director
Miles Paulley - lead producer
Emily Oeller - producer
Theresa Hilsden and Rebecca Boulter - art directors
Nelson Kidza-Sousa, Ben Whitmore, Roxanne Silverwood, Francesca de Bassa, Melinda Astrom, Katy Fabian - designers
Justin Lowings, Rob Monk, Henrique Bispo, Melinda Åström, Abhishek Kasegaonkar, Jared Tomkins, Steven Kelly,
Aidan Wood, Maya Raviv, Ketan Kulkarni, Dean Smith, Andrei Staruiala - animators

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