A very simple story: a girl takes a math exam. Shot using only close-ups and extreme close-ups. We shot this music video in Freakworks' studio trying to create a light soft airy feel, realistic to a class room, and add the dramatic/cinematic element in the macro style of shooting.
We shot this music video over two days in the studio with a minimal crew: me, Steve Cardno as DOP and Raluca Oros as producer / talent. The main concept was to use only macro and close-up shots. In order to do that we ended up using two tele-converters (1.6x and 2.0) attached to several lenses. For some shots we used a magnifying glass as well.
Andrei Staruiala - director
Raluca Oros - producer
Steve Cardno - cinematography
Erika Iesse - editor

Massive thank you to Hamish Allison, Danny Bonnar, Gavin Livingstone, Stuart Greig, Alkisti Terzi and Mihai Gadalean.
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