Freakworks were comissioned to produce a series of films as part of Fossil Hunters exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. The animation sets the scene for the exhibition, introducing Romer's Gap, the 15 million year mystery that saw the transition of life from water to land. The exhibition runs until 14th August 2016 - you can get more info here.

Production Company: Freakworks
Commissioner: Studio SP
Client: National Museum of Scotland

Hermione Cockburn - voice over

Andrei Staruiala - animation and illustration
Andy Maas and Emma Hamilton - producers

Studio SP
Emma Middleton - content developer

National Museums Scotland
Alanna Davidson - touring exhibitions manager
Hannah Boddy - exhibitions officer
Natalia Ostrowska - exhibitions and design administrator
Andrew Ross and Stig Walsh - curators
Nick Fraser - keeper of natural sciences
Sarah Cowie - learning officer
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