It's been a while since I had so much fun working on a motion graphics project. I've started with a few simple rules that I've ended up following more or less. Concept Group logo contains the main colours used for the printing process - cyan, magenta, yellow and black - my first rule was to mainly use only those colours and only once in while mix them. My second rule was to create a minimal piece by using only circles and lines. I've ended up breaking this rule here and there. I wanted to be true to the title and create an animation without straight cuts, an animation that flows.

After establishing this set of rules I've started working without a storyboard. I've came up with scenarios as I was going through the recorded voice over. I think it was this experimenting process that made me enjoy working on this project as much as I did.

Production Company: Freakworks
Client: Concept Group

Jamie Lee - voice over

Andrei Staruiala - motion graphics designer
Linsey Romano - producer
James Betts - scriptwriter
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