Boat Volume 03: Blood In The Water - Trailer
My history with Boat goes back to 2015, when David Lumsden asked me if I can design a new poster for his post apocalyptic short film Boat. After quickly bouncing a few ideas he suggested a silhouette based design. The whole conversation took 10 minutes, but it was enough to set a plan and to give me a strong concept to work with.
Poster design for Boat, the short film
In parallel David was also working on a comic book based on the short film together with artist Mark Weallans. The comic book didn't have a cover so I've jumped in to design one, following the style and colour palette of the poster. The entire project grew and I got more and more involved. I've worked on re-texturizing all the panels, lettering the entire comic book and reformating it from an A4 format to an US letter size paper. Tammy Le Vasan added the finishing touches on the last few pages. Boat Volume 01 can be read online on Comixology. A limited edition has been printed and some can by found in Forbidden Planet and Blackwell's

Boat Volume 01 was nominated for Best Graphic Novel at SICBA Comic Book Awards 2015
Lettering for Boat Volume 01
As the short film went through a few international film festivals, David kept the graphic novels series going, but this time working with a new artist, Marc Olivent. Boat Volume 02: No Land Welcomes You was released in summer 2016. This time my only contribution was the lettering, tidying up the layout and working on some promo materials.

Boat Volume 02: No Land Welcomes You was nominated for Best Writer, Best Graphic Novel and Upcoming Talent at SICBA Comic Book Awards 2016

Lettering for Boat Volume 02: No Land Welcomes You
Fast forward to August 14th, 2017, Boat Volume 03: Blood In The Water was released and my collaboration with David carried on with the same artist on board. This time with the support of Creative Scotland and Amir Zand working on the cover. Again, I was in charge with the lettering, some design work and the promo materials. Volume 03 is the thickest book in the series so far, 70 pages. To celebrate this tremendous effort I've put together a short trailer that you probably saw above.

Lettering for Boat Volume 03: Blood In The Water

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