I've been always fascinated about optical distortions in photography, the way a piece of glass placed in front of a lens beautifully breaks the image. This was probably the most experimental shoot I've done. Me and Danny filmed for two and a half days in Edinburgh and Glasgow with a Sony FS100 camera, a steady cam and a magic arm holding chandelier crystals in front of old Nikon lenses. I knew we ended up with intriguing beautiful footage but it was the true editing craftsmanship of Gavin that made any sense out of these abstract shots.

Production Company: Freakfilms
Agency: Dog Digital
Client: Integrated Environmental Solutions

Maria Teresa Creasey - voice over

Andrei Staruiala - director
Andy Maas - producer
Danny Bonnar - cinematography
Adrian Jeffery - concept and script
Gavin Livingstone - editor and colourist
Chris Bradley - music composer
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